Navigating November: A Review of Mediterranean Coastal Cities – Sea Temperatures, Weather, and Autumn Escapades

Navigating November: A Review of Mediterranean Coastal Cities – Sea Temperatures, Weather, and Autumn Escapades
Embarking on a Mediterranean adventure in November unveils a spectrum of coastal cities, each adorned with distinct sea temperatures and weather nuances. Discover the allure of these enchanting locales, as we dive into the sea surface temperatures, weather forecasts, and the atmospheric charm that awaits your autumn getaway:
Alexandria, Egypt:
Today: 25.2°C, Yesterday: 25.3°C Ideal temperatures complemented by cloudy skies. Experience a moderate climate with a sea temperature range of 20.8°C to 26.2°C.
Antalya, Turkey:
Today: 25°C, Yesterday: 25°C Cloudy skies envelop this coastal haven. Sea temperatures fluctuate between 19.7°C and 25.3°C, offering a warm embrace.
Athens, Greece:
Today: 22.6°C, Yesterday: 22.8°C Bask in the sun with a sunny day forecast. Sea temperatures span from 17.4°C to 23.8°C, creating an idyllic environment.
Barcelona, Spain:
Today: 15.9°C, Yesterday: 16.3°C Embrace the autumn rain against a backdrop of 16°C. Sea temperatures dance between 15°C and 21.1°C, inviting a unique experience.
Cannes, France:
Today: 18.4°C, Yesterday: 18.4°C Sunny days complement mild temperatures. Dive into the sea, where temperatures range from 15.4°C to 20.9°C.
Genoa, Italy:
Today: 18°C, Yesterday: 18°C Sunny spells grace this coastal gem. Sea temperatures oscillate between 15.6°C and 21.2°C, creating a delightful ambiance.
Today: 18.4°C, Yesterday: 18.6°C Revel in sunny days, characterized by a sea temperature range of 15.6°C to 20.1°C.
Kerkyra, Greece:
Today: 22°C, Yesterday: 22.5°C Rain showers bring a refreshing touch to this picturesque location. Immerse yourself in sea temperatures ranging from 17.3°C to 23.3°C.
Naples, Italy:
Today: 21.3°C, Yesterday: 21.3°C Cloudy skies set the scene for a memorable coastal retreat. Sea temperatures create a cozy atmosphere, varying from 17.1°C to 22.1°C.
Nice, France:
Today: 18.7°C, Yesterday: 18.8°C Sunny days and sea temperatures ranging from 15.5°C to 20.9°C.
Paphos, Cyprus:
Today: 24.6°C, Yesterday: 24.6°C Sunny weather complements the warm sea temperatures, spanning from 20.3°C to 25.5°C.
Tunis, Tunisia:
Today: 21.1°C, Yesterday: 21.1°C Sunny days welcome you to this North African treasure. Dive into sea temperatures ranging from 18°C to 23°C.
Valencia, Spain:
Today: 15.6°C, Yesterday: 15.7°C Sunny weather and sea temperatures varying from 15.9°C to 23°C.
Valletta, Malta:
Today: 23.2°C, Yesterday: 23.6°C Cloudy skies add a touch of mystery to sea temperatures fluctuating between 19°C and 24.2°C.
Venice, Italy:
Today: 14.4°C, Yesterday: 14.6°C Sunny days and sea temperatures ranging from 12°C to 19.8°C.

Prepare for an unforgettable November sojourn, where the Mediterranean's coastal wonders invite you to savor the last traces of autumn in style. Whether you seek sun-kissed moments or embrace the dance of raindrops, these cities offer a captivating blend of sea allure and atmospheric delight.

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