A Sunny Escape to Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria: Embracing the Canarian Vibes

A Sunny Escape to Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria: Embracing the Canarian Vibes

In October, we traded the rainy streets of Düsseldorf for the sun-kissed shores of Gran Canaria, landing in the quaint town of Puerto Rico at Apartamentos Río Piedras. After a swift 5-hour flight, we found ourselves on the Atlantic coast, welcomed by a balmy temperature of +35 degrees. The transition wasn't without its challenges, prompting us to request a room with air conditioning from the hotel's accommodating staff.

Our chosen haven, Rio Piedras, proved to be an ideal spot for a beach retreat in Puerto Rico. A mere 2-minute stroll led us to the golden sands, while the rooftop pool offered a refreshing escape. The apartments, complete with a kitchen and a spacious terrace, provided the perfect setting for our relaxing getaway.

Situated not far from the Sahara, Gran Canaria maintained its warmth even in October. Mindful of the heat, we adjusted our schedule to enjoy the beach in the cooler morning and evening hours. A nearby supermarket made it convenient for us to whip up breakfast and lunch in our apartment, reserving our evenings for exploring the local restaurants and cafes.

The island's excellent bus network allowed us to venture to several nearby beaches, each unique in its rocky beauty. The coast, mostly rugged and dotted with small lagoons, showcased warm waters that extended our summer well into the autumn months.

As avid travelers, we explored the surroundings, making day trips to notable spots like Las Palmas, Gran Cana, and the stunning Mirador Maspalomas by Dunas. The proximity to places like Puerto de Mogan and the convenience of Taurito Princess Hotel made our stay even more memorable.

Gran Canaria, with its captivating landscapes and welcoming atmosphere, provided us with an unforgettable holiday experience. From the vibrant energy of Playa Taurito Princess to the tranquility of Puerto Mogán, the Canary Islands' charm was truly embraced. As we departed from Gran Canaria Airport, we couldn't help but reflect on the warmth of our time spent in Princess Mogan Gran Canaria, leaving with a suitcase full of cherished memories and a heart longing for a return to this sun-soaked paradise.

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