Lufthansa to offer free messaging on European flights

Lufthansa to offer free messaging on European flights

Lufthansa, the largest German airline and one of the leading carriers in Europe, has announced a new service that will delight its passengers who want to stay connected during their flights. Starting from mid-January 2024, Lufthansa will offer unlimited free messaging on its short- and medium-haul flights on aircraft of the A320 family that have WLAN. This means that travellers will be able to send and receive as many messages as they like, including photos, on their own smartphone or tablet during the flight - all free of charge!

This is a great news for travellers who want to keep in touch with their family, friends, or business partners while flying across Europe. Whether they want to share their travel plans, update their social media, or send a quick hello, they will be able to do so without worrying about the cost or the data limit. They will also be able to enjoy the in-flight entertainment system, which offers a variety of movies, music, games, and magazines.

Lufthansa is not only offering free messaging, but also reducing the price of its other Internet packages on board, such as streaming, by almost 50 per cent from mid-January. This will make it more affordable for travellers who want to access the Internet for other purposes, such as browsing, emailing, or watching their favourite shows online.

Lufthansa is investing around two billion euros in product and service improvements, according to Heiko Reitz, CCO Lufthansa Airlines. He says that free messaging is one of the many initiatives that make travelling with Lufthansa an even better experience. He adds that he is pleased that their guests will be able to stay in touch with their relatives or business partners above the clouds - free of charge.

The prerequisite for using the new free service is logging into FlyNet with a Miles & More service card number or with an e-mail address registered with the Lufthansa Group Travel ID. A new login or registration is also possible during the flight.

Lufthansa is one of the first airlines to offer free messaging on its European flights, and it is expected that this will increase its customer satisfaction and loyalty. Lufthansa is also known for its high safety standards, punctuality, and quality of service. It operates flights to more than 200 destinations in 78 countries, and it is a member of the Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance.

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