A Scandinavian Adventure: From Oslo to Copenhagen by Land and Sea

A Scandinavian Adventure: From Oslo to Copenhagen by Land and Sea
Our Scandinavian adventure began on the southern shores of Norway, where we were visiting family. Eager to explore beyond, we set our sights on Oslo and, from there, an unforgettable ferry journey to Copenhagen. Little did we know that our voyage would be filled with scenic wonders and culinary delights.
On the Road to Oslo:
Our journey to the Norwegian capital took an unexpected turn as the railway was under repair. We boarded a bus and headed to Drammen, where we transferred to the train. The train number hardly mattered as they all ventured to Oslo. With a couple of hours before the ferry's departure, we explored Oslo's picturesque waterfront.
Oslo's Treasures:
The Opera House's breathtaking architecture and a sprawling bookshop brimming with Norwegian literature greeted us. In the bookstore, nestled among the books, an aquarium and various children's attractions charmed us. We savored a cup of coffee, marveling at the deep respect Norwegians hold for their literary heritage.
Aboard the Ferry:
As we rushed back to the ship, our anticipation grew. Our cabin, while snug, offered a comfortable respite, complete with a spacious bed and a shower. Eager to explore, we donned our attire and began our voyage around the numerous decks.
Scenic Majesty:
The open upper deck drew a crowd as we set sail. Passengers marveled at the stunning fjords and Norwegian shores, an unforgettable sight. Onboard, the Seven Seas Restaurant treated us to a grand feast, a culinary extravaganza that left a lasting mark.
Shipboard Attractions:
The ferry offered a small shop, several restaurants, a nightclub, and even a cinema. Entertainment options abounded, catering to all tastes.
Arrival in Copenhagen:
Upon our arrival in Copenhagen, we disembarked, even though our tickets allowed for a return to Oslo. It was a bittersweet farewell to a memorable journey.
A Farewell to Norway:
Norway, a land of beauty, had indeed captivated us. While the weather could be unpredictable, the experiences it offered were unforgettable. Our hearts left a piece of themselves along the scenic fjords and vibrant streets of this remarkable country.
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