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The Artistic Capuchin: Unleashing Creativity in the Zoo


In the vibrant setting of Gran Canaria's zoo, our gaze was captivated by an unexpected artist – a capuchin monkey. Known for their intelligence and playful antics, this particular capuchin exhibited a talent that transcended the boundaries of typical zoo behavior.

Island of Eternal Summer: A Gran Canaria Getaway


As autumn settled in Europe and the days grew colder, a longing for the sun's warmth and the soothing embrace of the sea overcame our friends Ana and Mike. They yearned for an escape from the encroaching chill

Exploring Basel: A Charming Blend of Swiss Elegance and German Simplicity


Nestled on the banks of the Rhine River, Basel welcomed our family with open arms as we arrived by train from Germany. This Swiss gem, with its captivating blend of enchanting architecture and a cozy atmosphere, proved to be a delightful destination for our family adventure.

A Danish Summer Adventure: Exploring the Charms of Copenhagen


In the heart of Scandinavia, under the warm embrace of the July sun, we embarked on a memorable journey to Copenhagen, Denmark. This enchanting city, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque canals, promised us an unforgettable summer adventure.

A Royal Encounter: Exploring Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen


Even if art and treasures aren't typically your cup of tea, there's something inherently captivating about exploring museums when you're a tourist in a foreign city. In Copenhagen, we decided to visit Rosenborg Castle, a place where Danish history and opulence converge. It's amazing how a single visit can turn anyone into an art and history enthusiast.

A Scandinavian Adventure: From Oslo to Copenhagen by Land and Sea


Our Scandinavian adventure began on the southern shores of Norway, where we were visiting family. Eager to explore beyond, we set our sights on Oslo and, from there, an unforgettable ferry journey to Copenhagen. Little did we know that our voyage would be filled with scenic wonders and culinary delights.

A Scandinavian Summer Sojourn: Tønsberg Tales and Treasures


In the heart of Norway, in the lovely town of Tønsberg, our July journey unfolded, marked by cultural gems and natural wonders. With the azure Norwegian sky as our canvas, we delved into the treasures of this ancient city in the south of Norway.

A Regal Escape: Exploring the Grandeur of Nymphenburg Palace in Munich


Journeying through Germany, it's nearly impossible to escape the allure of palaces. In Munich, we found ourselves captivated by the grandeur of Nymphenburg Palace, an opulent testament to the lives of kings and queens. It's an enchanting place where history and art blend seamlessly.

Bavaria's Heart: Exploring the Charm of Munich and Its Suburbs


Munich, the vibrant capital of Bavaria, is a city of palaces and urban splendor. However, our journey took us beyond the city's borders, into the serene suburbs, where the true essence of Bavaria unfolded before us. Here, the beauty lies not only in palaces and cityscapes, but also in the picturesque fields, charming farms, and, above all, the warm-hearted people who call Bavaria home.

Celebrating Spring in Aachen: The Colorful Carnival Extravaganza


As winter bids its farewell in Aachen, Germany, the city transforms into a riot of color, laughter, and merriment. It's carnival time, a spirited celebration of the imminent arrival of spring, and a sight to behold for all who visit.

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